Organizations often shy away from investigating conflict; however, avoidance only makes the problem worse.  Why?  Internal strife not only affects people directly involved in the dispute, it also plagues morale, confidence, and productivity at all levels of a company.  Moreover, failure to investigate can have serious legal ramifications.  

Our investigation can be your first step toward preserving or rebuilding trust in your work environment, your leadership, and your employees.  Eisen Alliance investigations will:

  • Show that your firm is serious when it  considers and responds to employee concerns
  • Lend your response credibility in the eyes of everyone party to the dispute and in the eyes of those watching from the sidelines
  • Help you preserve your relationship with outside counsel by preventing a conflict of interest; though we work to avoid court proceedings, we do have experience testifying in court regarding the investigations we conduct
  • Produce highly reliable results based on interviews, documentary evidence, and an investigatory procedure designed to hold up to court scrutiny