Do you know anyone who is highly competent at work, yet oblivious to his or her negative impact on others? Most leaders who are perceived as intimidating, disrespectful or abrasive are "clueless" about their behavior.  When confronted with complaints, they become defensive and deny or blame others. Organizational leaders and HR executives usually believe they must either terminate or tolerate this behavior. Fortunately, there is another option.

Over the past thirty years of research and practice, The Boss Whispering Institute™ has developed an accelerated coaching process which has had an over 80% success rate in helping these individuals develop more productive management strategies.  Clients find the process deeply rewarding and enjoyable and HR managers/sponsors see demonstrable results by the third coaching session.

The confidential coaching process begins with an initial onsite assessment followed by regular in-person or telephonic coaching sessions.  Coaching usually lasts 8-10 sessions over a period of 3-4 months and the total cost is usually under $10,000.

If you are reluctant or anxious about why and how to intervene, click here to read Dr. Laura Crawshaw's chapter, "Winners Who Become Losers: Abrasive Leaders" from No Winner Ever Got There Without A Coach. 

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