Workplace Investigations

We perform independent investigations of workplace complaints regarding harassment, discrimination, and misconduct


We design and facilitate interactive, experiential programs to meet your goals


Using an accelerated process, we help abrasive leaders adopt more productive leadership behavior

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Jodi blends insights and tools from other disciplines (e.g., psychology, social psychology, business management) into her practice, enabling her to offer workplace solutions that are insightful, practical, legally compliant, and more impressively, inter-personally effective. As a trainer, she is uniquely adept at explaining HOW to implement legal advice on the ground.

Merrily President

Thank you for a great learning experience last week. I really appreciate your references to your experiential work on different investigations that you were involved with; it really helps paint a broader picture of Internal Investigations. I like it when the group puts their experiences out there for all to ruminate on and learn from. Thanks again, you did a terrific job!

Jeff Operations Manager